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1. Does shapewear really work?

We wholeheartedly believe so. Properly fitted shapewear garments nip and tick the body, while at the same time enhance curves in all the right ways, depending on which garment you wear. On top of that, body shaping garments also improve your posture, self-confidence, and give you an overall sleeker physique.

What are the different support levels offered?

Garments may be categorized according to level or shape control offered - for instance, light, medium firm or extra firm. Light control shapewear will smooth issued sections so you can feel confident about your look all day long. Medium control shapewear will conceal some bulges that you want to smooth out so you can feel comfortable while wearing your clothes. Firm control shapewear is designed with stretchy material that sculpts your body while adding a nice shaping finish to your figure. Extra-firm control pieces are an ideal solution for post-surgical recovery wear, and occasional garments such as wedding dresses, elegant gowns, and cocktail dresses. 


2. What types of shaping garments are offered?

The simplest foundation is a shaping panty which is an ultra-light-weight panty and offers a light touch of smoothing. These are available in a unitard style (shortened legs) or a camisole style. The camisole offers greater control from a body-liner, and is available in boy-leg and capri-leg lengths, with spaghetti straps, low cut necklines, and even scoop backs, to cater for the outerwear under which the garments will be worn. Girdles are often called "body shapers" or "contour garments". These garments are made with much more Lycra spandex than most shaping panties, and they offer the highest level of shaping and support. These can be broken up into full body suits and waist training cinchers. Bodysuits provide all over control from thigh to underbust and can be worn with your favorite bra to complement your bust. Waist trainers are similar to corsets of old, but are much more suited for contouring the midsection, are much comfortable than corsets and can be adjusted to give you that hourglass figure you want. Let us help you find the best product to suit your needs.

3. How to size shapewear?

If you want to really get to the shapewear size that best fits you, we recommend you follow a sizing chart. Here is a general description of the steps that need to be taken to get the correct measurements. You should take measurements of your hi-waist, low-waist, and hips holding the tape tight around the body. To get to your hi-waist measurements, hold the tape 3 points above the waist, to calculate your low-waist, go 4 inches below the waist for your upper hips, go 8 inches below the waist or at the widest area of your hips.

According to your measurements, pick the shapewear from the size chart that treats your issue section. If you have a small waist and wide hips, you should choose a thigh shaper and opt for the size that fits your hips width. If your belly is bigger than your hips, you should select waist cincher or high-waist shaper that fits your waist dimensions.

How to wash and care your shapewear garment?

You can put your shapewear in a washing machine, but just as long as it's a gentle cycle, which is commonly used for silk fabric. However, hand washing is the most recommended because it makes your shaper last longer.

What are the best colors to wear?

Our shapewear is available in many attractive colors, but the ones that are especially recommended are nude or beige colors because they are invisible under your garment so they create a perfectly sleek look. Also keep in mind that black will only work if you wear dark clothes, and that white will be see-through even under white garment.

Should I wear shaping garment while sleeping?

During the sleep, our mind and body are in the process of repairing, so that's the time when the muscles are the most relaxed. In order to prevent your body from stressing during the most important period of recovery, you shouldn't wear any tight garment or underwear while sleep. 



4.Should I wear a shapewear garment while I am at work?

You should definitely! Our range of shapewear is made to support you wherever you go, especially at work. Shapewear garments will mold your figure in a subtle way while keeping a certain level of pressure on your muscles in a way that doesn't restrict you in your daily activities.

Can shapewear help with weight loss?

Women often tend to confuse weight loss and body shaping which are completely different approaches. Weight loss is always best achieved by dieting and exercise while the role of shapewear is to sculpt your figure and provide control to your silhouette.


5. How does Brazilian  Butt Lift With Vacuum Therapy Work? 

Large size suction cups placed on the buttocks can smooth, correct, and tone the gluteal muscles. We can plump the buttocks as well as shape and lift with vacuum therapy. This procedure also helps in getting rid of cellulite!

6. Am I a good Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift with vacuum therapy?

Every one is a candidate for this procedure



There will need to be a consultation, in which we can figure out your body type and how we can help you reach your goal. For better results please drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. It is highly recommended to indulge in healthy eating. Depending on your body type: if you just want to tone up and/or tighten then a good 3 sessions will work. To see some permanent shape around 5 sessions, if you lost dramatic weight then we recommend 10 sessions.

8. Are the results permanent?

Proper care, including repeat sessions and one of our butt lifter panty, short, or legging will leave permanent results


No, you can not indulge in vacuum therapy while pregnant, but post-baby will be a great option when trying to lose the baby weight


10. How Soon Can I return to normal activities?

Right after each session you are able to return to work and normal everyday activities. No need to take time off

11. Does It Hurt?

The procedure is actually soothing like a massage. You may feel some light pain and experience some bruising afterwards but that does not last long.

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